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Dental Implants

Dental implants are boasted as the most revolutionary dental advancement of all time. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth, and there is no comparison in value or the astonishing results with this dental procedure. Grace Dental Smiles is proud to offer dental implants to patients in and around West Babylon, New York. Dr. Avinash Thomas Cherian is an experienced and highly trained doctor who offers dental implants to his patients. If you are looking for a solution to your missing tooth/teeth that will result in a complete, attractive, and long-lasting smile, Grace Dental Smiles is here for you. We are a full dental service that is dedicated to the health and comfort of our patients. Our friendly staff welcomes you into our practice, and we are here to ensure that you feel at ease the moment you step through our practice doors. Let Grace Dental Smiles be the dental practice that you turn to for the most optimal dental care services for creating a smile that you are proud of.

Implant Restoration

Each tooth has a specific job to do, including chewing or biting food and stabilizing the jawbone. Tooth loss has a “domino effect,” and it can create a whole host of issues if the teeth are not replaced. Over time, surrounding teeth will become compromised and will move and shift into the empty space in the absence of a tooth. This process can lead to periodontal disease, loss of jaw bone support, bite and jaw dysfunction, and additional tooth loss. Dental implant restoration is the process in which missing teeth are replaced in order to preserve dental health. Dr. Cherian at Grace Dental Smiles works devotedly to help patients restore their smile to full health, function, and appearance. If you are struggling with missing teeth or loose dentures, dental implant restoration may be the solution that you have been waiting for. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.