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Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is cracked, broken or severely decayed, the nerves and tissues inside of the tooth can become infected. If the infected tissue isn’t removed with a root canal, it can cause an abscess or even spread the infection to surrounding teeth.

Root canal therapy is a highly successful dental procedure that can save a damaged tooth from extraction and protect it for years. Although they have a reputation for being painful, the truth is that the toothaches caused by an infected tooth are probably causing you more pain than a root canal will! At Grace Dental Smiles, we offer root canal therapy that can stop the pain of an infected tooth and help you keep your natural tooth.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

As dental technology has advanced, so has the procedure for root canals. Although the procedure has always been the best way to save a severely infected tooth, it has become quicker and less invasive with newer techniques and equipment. For most root canals, the procedure is not any more painful or stressful than a routine cavity filling. Dr. Cherian will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and any infection along with the nerve. Once cleared of infection, the tooth is packed with a material to protect it from exposure. Then a crown will be added to cover the tooth and keep it safe from damage.

Once the infection and nerve is removed, so is the source of the pain. Root canal therapy puts an end to the ongoing toothache and mind numbing pain that can accompany a severe tooth infection. It also allows you to keep your natural tooth which is always the best option.

Don’t live with tooth pain due to a fear of a root canal. Contact Grace Dental Smiles today to schedule an appointment. You will be pleased to see how quickly this procedure is completed and how much better you feel once the infected portion of the tooth is removed.